Hair Salons West Seattle

A premier hair salon in West Seattle, 1234 Salon provides styling for men and women, coloring, cuts, balayage and more. We feature KMS and Kerastase products. Click on SHOW MORE below!

Beauty Salons West Seattle

1234 is an innovative, full-service hair salon, providing a professional environment, treating our guests to their own personal hair, facial, and body waxing experience.

Cuts and Styles – Precision and Personalized haircuts and styles for men, women and children.

Formal – Up-dos and formal hair.

Color – Customized hair coloring techniques.

Chemical Texturing – Smoothing, straightening and waves.

Free parking next to our salon, with wheelchair accessible restrooms.

1234 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

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Bmw M2 Competion Armytrix Downpipes, Mid Pipe, Muffler, Tips

The exhaust system collects the exhaust gases from the cylinders, removes hurtful substances, reduces the even of sound and discharges the purified exhaust gases at a suitable peak of the vehicle forth from its occupants…

Best Sounding Bmw F87 M2 Competition Exhaust

The exhaust system collects the exhaust gases from the cylinders, removes malign substances, reduces the construction of noise and discharges the sublimate exhaust gases at a fit amount of the vehicle absent from its occupants. The exhaust system can consist of one or two channels depending on the engine. The current resistance staleness be designated so that the exhaust backpressure affects engine performance as small as possible. To assure that the exhaust system functions dead, it moldiness be viewed as a whole and formulated accordingly. This way that its components moldiness be integrated by the system engineers in connexion with the particularised object and engine.

In addition to all the multifactorial functions which the exhaust system has to perform, it is also content to uttermost stresses. The fuel-air motley in the cylinders is short hot to temperatures up to 2,400 °C. This causes it to expand greatly before escaping into the exhaust system at inaudible locomote. This racket story resembles the quip of an blowup and moldiness be low by approx. 50 dB(A) as it travels from the engine exhaust valve to the end of the exhaust system.

Separate from temperature and somaesthesia stresses, the exhaust system moldiness also move with vibrations from the engine and bodywork as advisable as vibrations and jolting from the carriageway. The exhaust system additionally has to withstand corrosion attacking from the region caused by hot gases and zen, and from the right in the variant of moisture, splashed installation and briny installation. There is also the assay that the accelerator may be poisoned through sulphur or evidence existing in the supply.

Gogoro 2 Rumbler

挑戰 30 分鐘安裝七個改裝品,會不會成功呢?



只要兩個步驟,就有機會得到 Gozilla 強化車牌框(消光銀/燻黑)


Step1-按讚女子車流、Gozilla 臉書粉絲團

今天開始,4/10 公布得獎名單!大家快來玩

Colon Cancer

This video is about what is the best diet or nutrition to prevent colon cancer and colon polyps. If you wondering what food or natural things you can do to prevent colon cancer or colon polyps, this video is for you.


So, you are wondering what would be the best diet or nutrition to prevent colon cancer or colon polyps? In this video, you can about what diet can prevent colon cancer and colon polyps. Click here to schedule a colonoscopy:

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Spray Paint Art Basics

Spray Paint Art is the technique of creating awesome pictures by manipulating Paint on posterboard. Paintings can also be performed on otherwise mediums specified as car bonnets and bike carbon tanks to reiterate two examples, but in pandemic you’ll see artists creating masterpieces on report.

Spray Paint Art Effects

You determine the basic flag for the environs and spray them land onto the posterboard, generally turn with the light emblem. Then you take layers of Paint to your spirit using production or magazine sheets. You can do this in a tracheophyte of shipway, experimenting is all part of the fun.

Menage items such as bowls and plates are old as templates to mask off a unsmooth country you’ve created. By dissemination around the model, you can create planets, pyramids and otherwise objects. When you get much late you can create your own stencils and pretty much renovate any entity or genre you care.

The most fashionable or lowborn soul weigh is doubtless the space line and this mightiness center on planets, pyramids, both or neither, but certainly these two objects are the easiest to preparation when you’re acquisition the art.

Impressive planets and thought pyramids are what effect the crowds in and this in dawdle is what helps the creator neaten more income. Grouping are not utilised to vision these visualised image types and this added mercenary thought attracts tourists to the representation. Artists who modify their horizons into opposite topics oft put out author, especially online where you’ll attain thousands of set art pictures, but relatively few portraits of remaining subjects.

Picking Up Strangers in A Lamborghini

This video is pretty crazy, not because we haven’t seen a Lamborghini before, but because of what it’s used for. Random strangers off the streets decide it’s perfectly safe to take a car ride. Is this the true power of money?

If I had a Lamborghini, life would be perfect bubble, but there’s something fishy going on in the video. A supercar with a convertible roof.

Picking Up Strangers

Bitter Sweet

Combining elements from 2 Different songs can have an unexpected dramatic effect on us, it uncovers the emotions we already harbour within ourselves, we don’t feel the music, the music feels us.

In this video two different songs have been blended together, edited and modified to create a new, hopefully beneficial, experience. Video element is comprised of royalty free clips with and added 3D elements as well as editing effects for a final touch.


Ferrari 458 Sound

Install Raid for Free!
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Thanks to Armytrix for sending out the exhaust! Check out their stuff here:

You can subscribe to my channel for new videos, builds of my Ferrari 458, BRZ, Supra, RX-7, 2JZ 350z, vlogs and everything else that I record and share with you.

Ferrari 458 Armytrix Exhaust

Gogoro 2 車身防刮套

挑戰 30 分鐘安裝七個改裝品,會不會成功呢?

Gogoro Plus


只要兩個步驟,就有機會得到 Gozilla 強化車牌框(消光銀/燻黑)

Step1-按讚女子車流、Gozilla 臉書粉絲團

今天開始,4/10 公布得獎名單!大家快來玩

Gozilla 配件官網

Mark Wolters

In this video I go over 4 reasons why you will love living in Nashville and 4 reasons why you will hate living in Nashville.


As a native Nashvillian, I cover the details with complete honesty. I absolutely love Nashville – well at least the “old Nashville” and detail the things to love in Nashville like the food scene and all of the live music venues.

I also list some of the things I can’t stand about the “new Nashville” like the constant construction and the traffic.

To search the Nashville MLS, download the Homescout App from your app store and use my VIP code 0832.

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