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Ben Saunders stopped in to discuss UFC245 and a little bit of UFC history. Ben prepares for UFC245 and his clash with Matt Brown. This will be an awesome match up of two very historically significant UFC fighters. I have been fortunate to call Ben a training partner some nights on the mat at 10th planet in Las Vegas.


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I have been rocking these Passion Twist Hairstyles on my Type 4 hair for 3 weeks and I figured it would be great to show you guys some cool, cute, quick and easy ways on how to do passion twist hairstyles, especially when they begin going stale. These passion twists hairstyles are great if you’re trying to figure out your fall hairstyles and summer hairstyles. These hairstyles can be used on any other protective hairstyles of your choosing, so feel free to try these on your box braids, goddess faux locs, senegalese twists, even your mini twists. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I had fun making it for you.Hope you enjoy this video and always remember to: BE YOUR OWN TYPE OF BEAUTIFUL!

Natural Hair

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How To Buy A House When You Have Student Loan Debt

Are you thinking about buying a home and you have a lot of student loans? Do you think that student loan debt will prevent you from buying a house?

Debt To Income

In this video I explain how I personally was able to buy a new home with substantial student loans. I explain the process so that you can do the same and achieve home ownership a lot faster than you thought was possible.

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عروض الجمعة الصفراء

كود نون

1-يتميز الموقع بأنه جديد حيث تم إطلاقه في العام 2016،وذلك ما يجعل خيار تقديم أفضل خدمة ممكنه للعميل هو خياره الأول
2- يمكنك الشراء من موقع نون واختيار طريقة الدفع نقدا عند الاستلام كخيار متاح

3-إذا كنت تفضل طريقة الدفع بالبطاقة الائتمانيه فإن هذا الخيار متوفر أيضا من موقع نون لك مثل visa , Mastercard , Amex وغيرها عند استخدامك كوبون خصم نون
شاهد ايضا كوبونات الخصم لجميع المتاجر
4-لم يعد استخدام أكثر من وسيلة دفع عند عملية الشراء أمرا غير ممكن،فيمكنك استخدام أكثر من وسيلة دفع في إتمام عملية الشراء
5-من أهم ما يميز موقع نون هو أسعاره المميزه جدا وأيضا خصوماته الكبيره الموجوده دائما يمكنك استخدام كوبون خصم نون واكثر من كود خصم موقع نون الموجوده في الوصف عند كل عملية شراء

6-من أفضل مميزات الشراء من موقع نون هو توفر خدمة شحن سريعة ،فسيتم توصيل المنتج في يوم الشراء أو اليوم التالي كحد أقصي
7-يوفر المتجر خدمة الشحن المجاني علي الطلبات ،حد أدني للطلب 200 ريال سعودي/100 درهم إماراتي
8-في حالة شرائك منتج من موقع نون واكتشفت به عيب فيمكن إرجاعه مجانا بشرط عدم مرور 15 يوم من تاريخ استلامك للمنتج
9-يوفر موقع نون امكانية “الشحنه المجمعه” والتي من خلالها تستطيع طلب أكثر من منتج ويتم توصيلهم معا في شحنه واحده مجمعه
10-يتوفر لموقع نون أكواد خصم على الطلبات اخترنا لك أفضلها والتي تستطيع من خلالها الشراء بأرخص الأسعار
لا تقف المزايا في موقع نون عند هذا الحد، لكننا اليوم بصدد عرض كوبون خصم نون 2019 بأقوى التخفيضات على العديد من المنتجات، وبهذا يضمن رواد الموقع اقتناء تشكيلة كبيرة وفريدة من المنتجات بأقل الأسعار، لذا يمكنك استخدام كوبون تخفيض نون للاستفادة من العروض المتوفرة من خلاله وتوفير الكثير من المال.
يمكنك استخدام الكوبونات كل كوبون في عملية شراء مختلفة لتحصل على اكبر خصم ممكن من اكواد خصم نون 2019 والتي تتحدث باستمرار
كود خصم نون السعودية والامارات

كيفيه الحصول علي 5 كود خصم نون بخصم 250 ريال علي منتجاتك بالشرح
طريقه الحصول علي كوبون نون يعطيك خصم 150 ريال علي مشترياتك
كوبونات خصم نون 2019 خصم 15%
مراجعة و شرح تطبيق نون للتسوق الالكتروني مع ثنيان خالد
يوميات – مودل روز وكود خصم (نون)
كوبون نون و كود خصم نون 2019 – خصم 15%
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This Lion King Medley Keyboard Cover and karaoke by Timothy Adesina (in 4k) includes melodies that has been improvised and may be slightly different from the original versions of the songs. Enjoy!

Lion King Soundtrack

The eqipments I use to create my videos:
Focusrite Scarlett interface (for capturing quality sound) –
I sometimes film in 4K quality with my Samsung S10+ –
I also Film with this Profesional recording and photography Camera –
Profesional Camera Lens –
Profesional HD Drone camera –
The Yamaha Keyboard I use to create this awesome sounds –
Advanced Yamaha Montage8 Synthesizer Workstation keyboard –
My Amazing Workstation, Gaming Computer that handles the editing –
Professional Green screen backdrop with lighting –

Food Hair Mask

It is thanksgiving season and in honor of the infamous thanksgiving desserts I gave Sweet Potato Pie a chance …in my HAIR!? This Sweet Potato Pie Hair Mask/Deep Conditioner is great for moisturizing my type 4 natural hair. Sweet potato is loaded with vitamins and minerals which your hair would love!!


Flood Damage Repair Cary

Water damage is one of the common types of damage that can occur within your home or business. The sheer volume of ways that liquid damage can take shape is daunting: burst pipes, damage to walls, mold, flooding, and many more are included among the various different shapes that liquid damage can take. In addition to causing damage to your home and belongings, liquid damage can be on of the most difficult types of disaster to rectify in terms of time taken and overall expense.

Cary Water Damage Restoration Group

Don’t fret, however. Our experts at the Water Damage Restoration Group are ready and willing to take care of any problems you may have. For a damage restoration company that combines excellent customer service with speedy performance, call us as soon as you can. Water remediation companies like ours can work with you in any way necessary.

Water damage restoration is the process of removing and rectifying any and all damage caused by a dangerous water source. As mentioned above, any sort of damage caused by a hazardous source of water can be considered damage. The liquid, in some cases, doesn’t even need to be water. Restoration is the process of restoring the affected area to its previous state of being, as closely and easily as possible. This process can also be called water damage repair. The most common form of damage comes from floods, which are also some of the most dangerous forms. Flood damage restoration services are also frequently available from water restoration companies.

For any other information or question you may have, please call or submit a consultation form to our water remediation service. Our water restoration-centric group will be able to work with you to solve any issue you may have.

Learn more about our services here: